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  DGM Electronics is your source for quality timing instrumentation serving the national defense, aerospace, and private sectors for over 40 years.

Specializing in stock and custom readers and generators utilizing IRIG-B, CS-3, CS-5, CS-6, MILA, FDME/BUDX, IRIG 109-64 & DGM ASCII. Featuring time code readers with .56" to 4" tall digits.


About Us

In business since 1971, DGM Electronics has been providing solutions to our customers' electronic timing instrumentation requirements by providing time code readers, time code generators, and other custom timing related products. Our equipment can be found all over the world running mission-critical systems.

Our clients deploy our products in unique, exciting, and challenging applications every day. From time code readers and generators used in the Launch Control Center at Kennedy Space Center and Vandenberg AFB, to time distribution systems sailing on Navy ships.

We specialize in customization and would like to help meet all of your timing instrumentation needs. Give us a call today.



Contact Info

Voice: 815-389-2040
FAX: 815-389-0754

Mailing Address:
13654 Metric Road
Roscoe IL 61073

All products are proudly designed and assembled
in the USA at our factory outside Chicago, Illinois.